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Bomber Mountain Amber Ale

I volunteered to be a Designated Driver for work, so this will be my last alcoholic drink for the next week. But it is a lovely and sunny Sunday and I wanted to enjoy it with a new beer I had just tasted.

I attended a local wine and beer tasting at the South Dakota Air and Space Museum on Friday, and it was a very well organized and fun event. I was hoping there’d be more folks my age in attendance, but the aviation ambiance and local booze made it completely worth it.

Along with some local breweries and wineries, such as Sick-N-Twisted Brewing Co., Miner Brewing Co., and Prairie Berry Winery, there were some out of town brews represented for a tasting, to include the Bomber Mountain Amber Ale from Black Tooth Brewing Co. in Sheridan, WY. I liked it enough to look for a six pack the next day at a liquor store.

The ale is a dark but clear amber color and when poured from a can and I had about a finger of head that dissipated quickly. At 4.6% ABV, this is a very crisp and smooth beer to drink. To me its slightly¬†sweet initially with some earthy tones and bitterness at the end. I could taste some caramel and malt and the aroma itself was pretty light. Personally, I enjoyed this beer. It was simple without too many excessive flavors and notes and very easy on the palette. Available year round, it’s one I’d recommend for a relaxing weekend.


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