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Matt’s Big Breakfast

matts big breakfast Where I have been?! This place is amazing!

I read about Matt’s Big Breakfast last year when I spent two weeks in Phoenix for flight training but I didn’t get the chance to go. Instead, I opted for Carmel’s on Camelback (now relocated and renamed to Charlie Finn) and their delicious french toast croissant. Plus, Matt’s is in downtown Phoenix and I wanted to just stay clear. Open 7 days a week from morning to mid-afternoon, Matt’s Big Breakfast serves breakfast and lunch during their open hours. Parking was tricky and I managed to squeeze into a spot in their designated parking lot behind the restaurant. matts big breakfast waffle

The wait wasn’t too bad. For a restaurant that seems to be continously crowded, seating was relatively quick, with single patrons sharing a bar or a more communal area. I sat on a bar stool close to the door looking out the main window and perused the menu. The woman sitting next to me wasn’t sure on what to get since, as she told me, ‘everything here is good.’

That was an understatement. I ordered the waffle, made from scratch, topped with sweet cream butter and real maple syrup, and two slices of thick cut bacon seasoned with course black pepper. Coupled with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, it was a fantastic meal. Along with the amazing breakfast, the staff was extremely friendly.

It’s a recommended eatery for anyone either living in Phoenix or just passing through.

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