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Captain Gregory’s

Abandoned Apartment in Paris

Nestled in a small hidden room inside Sugar Shack Donuts in Alexandria, Captain Gregory’s is a delightful little cocktail lounge known for their intimate setting and specialized drinks.

I had just flown into Washington DC to visit my friend Gus Gus after not seeing her for over two years. After getting settled in her apartment, the first thing we did was walk to the Sugar Shack. Much to my confusion, I thought we were going to a cocktail lounge! Turns out this speakeasy is hidden away behind a sliding door within the donut shop! This charming little lounge area is full of nautical themed decor and the staff is very friendly.

Captain Gregory’s offers up an ever-changing menu of food and drinks that are rotated daily. The bar is stocked with a mind-boggling variety of liqueurs, rums, bitters, flavors…you name it! The drinks are hand-crafted with precise attention to detail and beautifully presented.barI ordered three drinks from the menu and each of them was amazing. The first was the D.A.R.L.I.N.G., a cocktail comprised of toasted coconut rum, absinthe, ginger, lime, cinnamon, and lavender. The pinkish bubbly cocktail was finally garnished with a sprig of edible lavender. It was like the perfect palette cleanser, especially with the anisette taste of the absinthe. I then ordered the Abandoned Apartment in Paris, a simpler drink with gin, homemade rose liqueur, lemon, and egg whites, with small, edible flowers as a garnish. The drink was sweet and very floral. Let’s just say that I’m a fan of rose flavored…anything.

For my third and final drink of the evening, I had the Blind Coffee Farmer, with homemade coffee liqueur, black pepper bitters, cream, and nutmeg. It was decadent as if you were drinking dessert. What’s great is that you don’t have to order directly off the menu. If you’re interested in something different, the mixologists can make anything you order, given that they have the ingredients. Non-alcoholic beverages are also available for those driving or for those who choose not to drink.D.A.R.L.I.N.G.By the way, food is also served! The portion sizes are small, but in a place like this, it’s all about the preparation and the presentation. Gus Gus and I ordered the Allen Brother’s Ranch Ribeye Tartar and the Honey Compressed Watermelon. Because Captain Gregory’s is located within a donut store, freshly made donuts are available for order. I recommend the Old-Fashioned.

Because of the small size of the venue, as in it only seats 24 people, a reservation is highly recommended and patrons can stay for two hours if there’s a reservation after. More information on reservations and party sizes can be found on the venue’s FAQs.

Ever visit Captain Gregory’s? What was your favorite drink? Please share!

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