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Black Eagle IPA

black eagle ipa

August 4th was IPA Day! I used to not be a fan of IPAs and found them too bitter, but my palette has thankfully since matured. My trip to Great Falls, Montana led to an abundance of new and locally brewed craft beers. The Black Eagle IPA, by Black Eagle Brewing Company, was one I found while I stocked up on different brews at the Class 6 at Malmstrom AFB.

The pint sized can was what really stood out: all white with a brownish orange label featuring a black eagle sillouette on the front. The brew is a medium golden but clear amber color and when poured from a can and I had about a finger of head that dissipated quickly. At 7.2% ABV, this IPA is described as being a “bold beer” with a “variety of 5 different hops.” It does have a bitter taste to it, which is nicely complimented with a hint of citrus. Available year round, this is a beer that I’d recommend for winding down after a long day of work.

Finding this IPA was a goldmine and I’ll be definitely picking up another four-pack when I revisit Montana.


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